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Never Saw Me Coming

How I Outsmarted the FBI and the Entire Banking System—and Pocketed $40 Million

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Regular Price $32.00

Regular Price $41.00 CAD

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A riveting true story of an unsuspecting woman who creates an ingeniously clever white-collar scheme that manipulates the Federal banking system out of millions—who eventually loses everything that is most important to her.

In Never Saw Me Coming, Tanya Smith shares her deeply personal and remarkable story of how she went from a precocious young girl to a money-grabbing, computer-savvy wiz. It starts out as a keen interest in technology and innocently acquiring phone numbers to Michael Jackson, as well as other celebrities, and moves to her successfully stealing and depositing $5,000 into her grandmother’s banking account. By the time she is 18, the risk taker has confiscated millions in cash.

The FBI is hot on her tail and hauls her in for an interview, demanding Smith let them know who she’s working for, “as these are not the kind of crimes Black people are smart enough to commit.” Their words, indicating that intelligence was determined by race, severely offended Smith. Up for the challenge, she proves the FBI wrong and over time steals $40 million dollars, while securing diamonds, gold bars, and other commodities. Her lifestyle attracts the wrong kind of people, even those who set out to kill her.

Law enforcement persisted, ultimately dubbing Smith "one of the single biggest threats to the entire United States banking system." She receives an outrageous prison sentence—the longest for a white-collar offense—and is eventually released by mounting her own brilliant defense.

Complete with unexpected twists and turns, Never Saw Me Coming is a gripping caper that reminds never to underestimate a woman.


"A scintillating story of one determined woman. Unforgettable." —SONJA SOHN, Actress
“Unpredictable—thrilling and exciting true story that makes the heart race and the head shake. Love it!” —ZANE, NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author
“What an immersive adventure? Tanya Smith’s story is one that you would expect to be fiction and is anything but. Throughout this crazy caper and cautionary tale of twists and turns, one thing never changed—I was always wanting her to win. Highly entertaining!” —KARRINE STEFFANS, New York Times bestselling author of CONFESSIONS OF A VIDEO VIXEN
“Powerfully entertaining. A true thriller of resilience and defiance.” —JANELLE MONÁE, Actress
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