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By day, Faith Jenkins is the host of Oxygen's Killer Relationship and former host of the nationally syndicated relationship show Divorce Court; by night, she’s a happily married new mother who navigated these dating streets for years before learning how to attract the love of her dreams. When she turned 35 without a wedding ring in sight, like most women, she started getting tons of questions about not being married. But she made a decision: I. Will. Not. Settle.  
As an attorney and arbitrator, Faith has presided over hundreds of cases, and has helped couples avoid and resolve a wealth of drama. And she’s seen it all! In Sis, Don’t Settle, she’s gathered an arsenal of love, wisdom and advice for women on how to play it smart.
Modern culture would have women believe they can’t have it all—and be smart, successful, strong women with authentic love to boot. Wrong.  Told in her signature style—sometimes salty and sometimes sweet—Faith provides real solutions that will teach you how to thrive in relationships while avoiding common missteps and pitfalls. She delivers it straight, with no chaser, to show us how to level up, and reminds you that how you live single will set the tone for your success in relationships.

Smart, illuminating, and, often laugh-out-loud funny, Sis, Don’t Settle is the essential playbook that will help you build your confidence, generate better results in love, and land a high-value relationship once and for all. You’ll find tips on topics like:
  • Strong Independent Women…and the Men Who Love Them
  • What’s Worse than a Bad Relationship? Overextending Your Stay in One
  • Becoming the Right Person to Attract the Right Person  
  • How to Release Trash Subconscious Beliefs that Keep You Settling
  • And much more!
Whether you’re single, divorced, or in a situationship, Sis, Don’t Settle reveals the direction and guidance you need to navigate love and take back your power.


“A modern playbook.” —LA Sentinel
“Listen to Faith. This book is great!” —Steve Harvey, NYT bestselling author of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man
"Judge Faith Jenkins is the personification of what it means to live by faith! I was honored to marry her and her husband, the legendary Kenny Lattimore, and I know first-hand that she is a testament to never settling for less especially when it comes to love. I have no doubt her story, her wisdom, and her insights will motivate every reader to never settle for less than their worth!" —DeVon Franklin, NYT bestselling author of The Wait
"I was relieved that Sis Don't Settle is not about "catching" a man. This easy, wise, and often funny read is about recognizing your innate worth. Read this book. Love yourself. Then, expect more love to enter your life." —Tina Lifford, author of The Little Book of Big Lies
“If there’s one person we can count on for level-headed advice, it’s Faith. She has proven that if you live authentically and listen to that inner voice, you can have a life that exceeds your expectations. A must-read!”
  —Sunny Hostin, author of I Am these Truths
“This is the best book on how to handle and cope with the different levels you can experience in dating, relationships and situationships! Faith is smart, wise, and she kept me laughing and inspired. She’s the voice you need to cut through all the drama to get on a clear-cut path toward high-value love.” 
  —Angela Rye, host of "On 1 with Angela Rye" podcast
"Faith is all about believing and she takes the knowledge, wit, and discernment that we love about her in the courtroom and writes it into every page of Sis, Don’t Settle. This book is a must read and it’s absolutely amazing!" —Tia Mowry, author of The Quick Fix Kitchen
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