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A Plan to Heal Your Trauma, Overcome Addiction, and Reconnect with Your Soul

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The founder of Recovery Management Agency—the world’s first agency devoted to helping addicts heal their addictions by reawakening their souls—uses her knowledge of depth psychology and her personal experience as a recovering addict to help you reconnect with soul, find meaning and live your purpose.

On her fifth anniversary of sobriety, Elisa Hallerman still awoke with a hurting heart. This is not right. I am not happy. Sobriety was supposed to fix her, right? Isn’t that what sobriety is all about? 
Hallerman quickly realized that though she had freed her addiction to substances, she had not freed her soul. After years of trauma and substance abuse, she had only covered up the wounds, rather than truly healing them from within. Despite her sobriety, her current lifestyle – a top talent agent and partner at WME, representing the best of Hollywood’s elite – was making her sick. While she was no longer clinging to drugs and alcohol, she was still using food, men, work, ego-inflation and other addictive behaviors to push away the pain.
And so she quit it all, in an effort to ignite her life and reconnect to her soul.
Since then, Hallerman received a doctorate in Depth Psychology and established the first-ever Recovery Management Agency, one that helps addicts not only recover and their addiction but reawaken their soul connection and live their unique purpose. Leaning on her studies and expertise, Soulbriety brings together Hallerman’s story, philosophy, and methodology encouraging and facilitating us to use our soul as our map, as nourishment, and to create deep meaning in our lives.
Soulbriety is not just about getting sober; it’s about true, soul-centered wellness. It starts when you slow down and grow down, in a way you’ve been yearning for—but probably didn't quite know how to before. To explore your unconscious root system, plumb the depths of your soul, travel your own individual hero’s journey. Hallerman shows us exactly how to get there with step-by-step solutions and incredibly affecting storytelling. And Hallerman is not alone in this endeavor; she has affected thousands of lives, healed many wounds, and inspired countless others to take charge of their life by taking charge of their soul. As actress Jamie Lee Curtis says in Soulbriety’s forward, Hallerman is “a crucial voice for these unprecedented times.” 


"In this vividly written, page-turner of a memoir, Dr. Elisa Hallerman depicts how neither drugs nor glittering Hollywood glamour could satisfy her spirit’s longing for true freedom. With unsparing honesty, she chronicles her own soul’s journey home to itself from the depths of trauma and addiction, now enabling her to guide many others on their own path to liberation." —Gabor Maté MD, author of The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture
"Dr. Elisa Hallerman has written a fearless, inspiring memoir peppered with some of the most insightful, soul-filled recovery wisdom you’ll ever encounter. We could all use a little Soulbriety!" —Rainn Wilson, author of Soul Pancake and Soul Boom
"Soulbriety is a must-read for anyone committed to their own recovery and the people who love them. Elisa beautifully combines her addiction expertise with her own personal story to inspire and guide the reader. As a leader in Recovery Management, she is the perfect guide for individuals and family members as they navigate the path to recovery."
  —Gabby Bernstein, #1 New York Timesbestselling author of The Universe Has Your Back
"...the focus on the spiritual side of addiction is a welcome complement to more clinical approaches. [Soulbriety] offers some earnest guidance." —Publisher's Weekly
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