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Essence Magazine 2023 Must Read

Bet on Black is a call to action for Black people all over the world to adopt a fresh, highly informed mindset that will change their lives. Blackness is a rich, expansive place that centers resilience, excellence, beauty, panache, and brilliance. But these notions of Blackness have long been distorted by American racism, where for generations Black folks have been expected to live a subordinate, second-class existence in the country they call home. Williams delves into some of the cornerstones of leading a first-class Black life, including:

  •    Don’t Let Anyone Make You Their Black Sidekick
  •    Carry Your Blackness Proudly Everywhere You Go
  •    Disrupt Oppressive Power Structures
  •    No Need to Codeswitch
  •    Black Community is Invincible When We Get Together

In this book, journalist and attorney Eboni K. Williams delves into some of the cornerstones of leading a first-class Black life, ranging from understanding one’s history to investing in the sometimes challenging processes of success. She does this all while sharing intimate details of her own story. Bet on Black will reawaken your own self-worth and understanding of the value of celebrating Blackness—whether yours or others’. Williams boldly proclaims that Blackness is the single most misunderstood construct in America. Bet on Black invites you to join her on the quest to show the world what Blackness really is.


Bet on Black is an illuminating account of overcoming adversity and self-acceptance in America. Williams has written an inspiring and hopeful narrative on Blackness, urging readers to put a stop to longing for the white experience and instead create their own path towards success and freedom.” —Bakari Sellers, New York Times bestselling author of My Vanishing Country
“I love this book. The title alone made me pick it up. It’s inspiring, empowering, and life-changing. Bet on Black is a poignant reminder of what my father [Malcolm X] said, ‘If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed.’ Eboni K. Williams reminds us that in loving ourselves, we promote our healing and growth as a collective.” 
  —Ilyasah Shabazz, author of The Awakening of Malcolm X.
“Eboni K. Williams is pushing us to come for it all in this country. I felt excited reading it. I encourage anyone who is looking to expand and grow to read this account of Black life and the way forward.” —Nina Parker, Emmy Nominated television host
"Bet on Black is perfectly timed and timeless in its message and motivation to tap into our God-given gifts as a collective community and to honor our ancestors by being intentional and purposeful in everything that we do." —April D. Ryan, author of Black Women Will Save the World
“When I tell you at the end of Eboni K. Williams’s Bet On Black, I wanted to run out and get a tattoo that simply says, ‘BLACK & QUALIFIED!’ On every page, I found myself so damn proud to not only be Black but Blackity-Black Black!” —Tyler Merritt, Author of I Take My Coffee Black
“Eboni K. Williams' latest shatters the lies that I've been told and believed about living in the boldness of my Blackness. This effervescent work serves as a guide and beacon of light for any Black person who has questioned themselves when the world around us often paints us into unsavory and subservient boxes. Make no mistake, this book is real, raw, unfiltered, and unapologetically Black, but also offers all the warmth, hope and light that Eboni so effortlessly radiates.” —Richie Skye, pop culture expert
Bet on Black is a bold, inspiring book that highlights the challenges but more importantly, the benefits of being Black in America. Reading this made me feel seen and empowered as Eboni K. Williams shares her tales of overcoming adversity and carving her own way in the world. This book is also a reminder of the power of community, embracing your identity, taking up space in the world, and becoming the most authentic version of yourself.” —Damona Hoffman, host of the award-winning podcast, Dates & Mates
Bet On Black is one of those rare volumes that has the capacity to change your entire worldview in a visceral and powerful way.” —Bowling Green Daily News
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