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Addressing the struggles of young girls everywhere, this hilariously relatable comic guide to life provides real advice and encourages a new generation of teen girls to find confidence and embrace individuality.

With friends, love, social media, body image, and more–navigating young adulthood can seem impossible. The Ultimate Survival Guide to Being a Girl provides humorous and highly relatable guidelines for all of the struggles young girls face, presented in author Christina De Witte’s signature comic style and told from the point of view of her lovable Instagram and Internet character, Chrostin. A Hyperbole and a Half for the young adult audience, the book includes comics and hands-on advice about serious issues like mental health and self-care, and also deals with questions on every young girl’s mind, like “Can you survive on pizza alone?”

Quirky, hilarious, and sincere, The Ultimate Survival Guide to Being a Girlempowers young women to challenge society’s unrealistic standards of beauty and embrace their individuality. This is sure to be a favorite for teen girls.

What's Inside

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"Hand to teens who want words of wisdom from a peer and who enjoy comics." —School Library Journal
"The Ultimate Survival Guide to Being a Girl is jam-packed with amusing anecdotes and genuinely helpful advice for young women navigating the precarious teenage years." —-Josh Shipp, author of The Teen's Guide to World Domination
"[Chrostin's] highly relatable situations have made her every girl's best friend on Instagram." —Bored Panda, http://www.boredpanda.com/this-girls-highly-relatable-cartoons-makes-her-every-girls-best-friend-on-instagram/
"Chrostin . . . is a character to be reckoned with. From her obsession with snacks to her passive attention to beauty standards, Chrostin is seriously all of us just trying to (occasionally) win at life." —Revelist.com, http://www.revelist.com/viral/christina-dewitte-chrostin-millennial-women/5153
"De Witte's message is simple but powerful. She wants to remind everyone with her comics that it's OK to feel like you're a total mess sometimes. That's something we can all relate to." —Upworthy, http://www.upworthy.com/15-real-talk-comics-about-the-struggles-women-go-through-on-a-daily-basis
"[Chrostin's comics are] so on point it hurts." —Comedy Central UK, http://www.comedycentral.co.uk/funny-pictures/articles/this-artist-creates-hilarious-comics-that-nail-our-everyday-problems
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