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rae mcdaniel

Social Justice and Activism; College/University; Self Help; Mind, Body, & Wellness; Current Affairs; Business and Management; Entrepreneur; Leadership; Medical and Healthcare; Inspiration, Faith, Spirituality; Race and Diversity; Women’s Interest

Speaker Bio

Rae McDaniel (they/them) is a non-binary speaker, author, therapist, certified sex therapist, coach, and transgender diversity and inclusion educator. They are also the founder and CEO of Practical Audacity, a gender & sex therapy practice in Chicago.

Rae helps audiences gain the sheer audacity to be themselves in the world through play, pleasure, and possibility. Their first book, Gender Magic (May 2023), is a first-of-its-kind practical guide to achieving gender freedom with joy, curiosity, and pleasure for transgender and non-binary individuals, gender explorers, and those who love them. They have been featured in high-profile media such as The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Time, and Women’s Health. As a sought-after professional speaker, Rae has spoken at Rutgers University, University of Chicago, University of Illinois Chicago, Soho House, The Wing, and Rachel’s Rodgers’ ROI: The Millionaires Summit.

Speaking Topics

GENDER MAGIC: Live Shamelessly, Reclaim Your Joy, & Step into Your Most Authentic Self

Audacious Goals and Total Unknowns: Embracing the Terrifying and Exciting

Playing with Possibility: Navigating the Challenges and Celebrating the Joys of Gender Freedom

Unleashing Intimacy in Friendships

Reclaim your Joy: The Future of Work is Human

Being your authentic self at work is the key to more joy, fulfillment, and success. Based on over ten years of helping clients discover and show up as their most authentic selves, research, and drawing on personal experiences and insights from the pandemic, Rae explores practical strategies to maximize joy and meaning in your work by incorporating new ideas and embracing your authentic self. This exciting talk will mobilize audiences to reclaim their joy, find purpose in their work, and create a more fulfilling and balanced professional life by being a little bit more human.

Gender Magic: Helpful Strategies for Parents and Caregivers to Support the LGBTQ+ Youth in their Lives 

As the adopted child of a very conservative, religious family in the South, Rae knows first-hand that being seen, loved, and accepted for your authentic self can be conditional on religious faith, societal norms, and rigid family values. Working to break the mold, Rae shares age-appropriate strategies for parents, caregivers, educators, and allies to provide a supportive environment for youth to explore gender freedom with joy, curiosity, and acceptance so they can be their most lit-up, audacious selves – free from fear and shame.

Video Credit: Hello Seven/2023 ROI Conference


Booking Info

Rae McDaniel’s speaking engagements are handled by the Hachette Speakers Bureau, a division of Hachette Book Group and an accredited member of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus. Contact us to learn more.