Hachette Speakers Bureau: Event Planning Guide
I've never planned a speaking event before. How do I begin the process?

Call HSB today. With more than 200 years of collective experience among our account executives, Hachette Speakers Bureau is the perfect place to start your event planning process and book a speaker. Whether you have a specific speaker in mind or no idea who you're looking for, our staff will work with you to pinpoint the needs of your audience and find the perfect keynote lecturer to make your event an unprecedented success. We understand how important your event is, and we are never too busy to speak with you one-on-one.

With some lecture agencies you book speakers with senior executives, only to be handed off to an assistant who has not been there from the start of the process. Is their senior staff too important to see your event through to the end? From your first contact with HSB to the standing ovation that closes your event and the evaluation process that allows you to offer input about how we can better serve your needs, you will be in contact with the same account executive who is dedicated to building a personal one-on-one relationship with you to discover, anticipate and exceed your expectations. Supported by full-time travel assistance and promotional departments, the service that each HSB account executive is able to offer your organization is the most personalized and comprehensive service in the lecture industry.

Does Hachette Speakers Bureau handle international events?

Absolutely. HSB is seriously committed to the growing needs of the expanding global marketplace. That's why several of our account executives specialize in planning events with foreign companies and for domestic companies in international venues, from Europe to South America to Asia.

What is the cost of your services?

All of HSB's services, from event planning, promotional assistance and travel preparation, are included in the speaker's set honorarium.

OK then, how much do speakers cost?

Speaker fees vary widely depending on the demand for an individual, his or her availability, and the services required. Generally, fees for keynote speeches begin between $5,000 to 10,000 and can go up to $100,000 or more, and our account executives have access to a wide variety of speakers that can accommodate a broad range of budgets. In most cases, travel and lodging expenses are in addition to the speaker honorarium, including first-class travel, accommodations and limited out-of-pocket expenses.

How can I learn about a speaker before making my decision?

HSB's full-time promotion and marketing department works to provide you with full biographies on each speaker, photographs, recent articles and press coverage, and letters of recommendation from previous speaking engagements. Most speakers also have excerpts from recent speaking engagements available on video, so you can preview previous speeches before booking the right speaker for your audience. You can view several of these videos online or ask your HSB account executive to send videos via mail.

Will I have the opportunity to make contact with the speaker prior to the engagement?

Yes. Most of our speakers are happy to talk with organizations prior to an engagement as their schedules allow. Ask your HSB representative about the possibility of setting up a conference call after a speaker is contracted for an appearance. This gives you the opportunity to clarify the expectations of your audience and get to know the speaker on a more personalized basis. Regardless if you have talked directly with the speaker before the event, each speaker receives an extensive questionnaire filled out by your organization to help them better organize their comments for your group.

Can a book signing be arranged in conjunction with the event?

The majority of our authors enjoy doing book signings at lecture engagements. Check with your HSB account executive prior to the event to assure that the speaker's schedule allows for it. If you host an author, we also provide a book purchasing rider which places you in direct contact with publishers to buy books at a special discounted rate.

Will the speaker be available for a press conference, photo session, or reception?

Speak with your HSB representative about such activities and other special requests as soon as you become aware of them. Sometimes a speaker's schedule does not allow for participation in such events, but often arrangements can be made to accommodate them.

Is it possible to video or audio tape the speaker?

Written permission must be obtained through Hachette Speakers Bureau to record any presentation for any use. This is to safeguard our speakers' right to their intellectual property. In the event that you do record a program, be sure to check with your HSB representative for tips on optimizing the quality of the recording.