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The redemption of America's classic dish: Meatloaf


Feb 24, 2017

CBS NEWS February 13, 2017, 11:20 AM

When you think meatloaf, you may be like New York Times political writers Frank Bruni and Jennifer Steinhauer who fondly remember their mother and grandmother’s versions. Or maybe you weren’t such a fan of that traditional mix of beef, pork and veal with a prominent slathering of ketchup or tomato sauce.

Now this meal they call “the Meryl Streep of comfort foods,” with its multitude of versions, is coming into its own.

“It is amazing how much meatloaf bigotry there is out there,” Bruni told Mo Rocca at the Kitchen Table in New York City.

The iconic American dish deserves some respect.

“I frequently now serve meatloaf when I have people over for dinner. And when they come and you say-- and they say, ‘What are we having?’ Or when you tell them and you say, ‘Meatloaf,’ there’s this look on their faces like, ‘We trudged all the way over here, and you’re giving us a meatloaf.’ But if you give them the right meatloaf, they leave happy campers,” Bruni said.

Championing its renaissance, Bruni and Steinhauer discovered a mutual passion for meatloaf.

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