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Hachette Speakers Bureau represents the following speakers in 'Mind, Body & Wellness' category.

Anna Yusim
Board-Certified Psychiatrist, Author, Speaker and Filmmaker
Wendy Walker
Former Senior Executive Producer for Larry King Live, Cable News Pioneer
Debbie Stier & Daisy Gumin
Mother-Daughter Authors of the Forthcoming Saving Daisy
Thom Shea
Author and Executive Mentor
Dr. Habib Sadeghi
Author, holistic and integrative doctor and co-founder of the Be Hive of Healing Integrative Medical & Dental Center
Michael Roizen
Chief Wellness Officer and holder of the Roizen Family Chair of the Wellness Institute at Cleveland Clinic, and Co-Author of AgeProof
Dolvett Quince
Fitness Guru and Trainer from The Biggest Loser
Ashlee Piper
Political Strategist, Eco-Lifestyle Journalist, and TV Personality
David Perlmutter
Neurologist and Bestselling Author of Grain Brain
Eric OGrey
Author, Activist, Athlete, Inspirational Speaker, and Internet Personality
Stephanie Nielson
Mother, Blogger, Survivor
Rebecca Musser
New York Times Best Selling Author of "The Witness Wore Red" Testified Against FLDS Leader Warren Jeffs, Advocate for Victims of Human Trafficking
Kelsey Miller
Award-Winning Writer, Journalist, and Author
Paige McKenzie
Best-Selling YA Trilogy Author and YouTube Sensation
Don Mann
Highly acclaimed motivational speaker, retired Navy SEAL Team SIX member, renowned World-Class Adventure Competitor & NY Times Best Selling Author
John Maclean
How Far Can You Go?
Beau Lotto
Neuroscientist and Creativity Expert
Martin Kihn
Author, Digital Marketer, & Recovering Consultant
Tory Johnson
Inspirational Weight Loss Expert and Good Morning America Contributor
Meg Jay
Author, Psychologist, and Millennial Expert
Rupert Isaacson
Best-Selling Author
Mark Hyman
Preeminent Physician, Author and Speaker on Wellness
Sarah Hepola
Rip Esselstyn
Best-Selling Author of The Engine 2 Diet
Amy Cuddy
Harvard Professor and Body Language Expert
Regina Brett
Author, Cancer Survivor, Award-Winning Journalist
Jonathan Alpert
Psychotherapist and Advice Columnist