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Hachette Speakers Bureau represents the following speakers in 'Journalism' category.

Levison Wood
Author, Explorer, Photographer
Tom Wolfe
Legendary Author and Social Chronicler
Robert Weintraub
Sportswriter and Historian
Wendy Walker
Former Senior Executive Producer for Larry King Live, Cable News Pioneer
Elizabeth Vargas
Award-Winning ABC News Anchor and Correspondent
Dominic Tierney
Writer and Editor at The Atlantic and Political Science Professor
Evan Thomas
Best-selling Author, Historian & Journalist
Kristen Soltis Anderson
Political Pollster, Author, & ABC News Contributor
Julie Scelfo
Contributor for The New York Times and author of The Women Who Made New York, available October 25, 2016
Jonah Sachs
Author, Journalist, Entrepreneur and Social Change Activist
Ashlee Piper
Political Strategist, Eco-Lifestyle Journalist, and TV Personality
Dana Perino
Former White House Press Secretary, Political Commentator, New York Times No. 1 Best-Selling Author
Bob Morris
Acclaimed Memoirist, Playwright, and Journalist
Kelsey Miller
Award-Winning Writer, Journalist, and Author
Patricia Marx
New Yorker Writer and Humorist
Paul Lynch
Acclaimed Novelist
Wesley Lowery
Pulitzer-Prize winning national reporter for the Washington Post covering law enforcement, justice, race and politics.
Lily Koppel
Journalist & Best-Selling Author of The Astronaut Wives Club and The Red Leather Diary
Jodi Kantor
Award-Winning Journalist and Author
Sebastian Junger
Award-Winning Journalist & Best-Selling Author
(The Perfect Storm, WAR)
Annie Jacobsen
Futurist, Investigative Journalist and Bestselling Author
Nathalia Holt
Author and Science Journalist
Emily Holleman
Salon.com Editor and Novelist
Pete Hamill
Widely Acclaimed Journalist & Best-Selling Author
Charles Graeber
Journalist & Author of The Good Nurse, the Bestseller Chronicling the Life and Crimes of Serial Killer Charles Cullen
Sir Harold Evans
Legendary Publisher & Best-Selling Author
Barbara Ehrenreich
Political Activist & Author, Nickel and Dimed
Rod Dreher
Journalist & Conservative Culture Critic who Left City Life to Embark on a Profound Journey Home
Alex Daly
The Crowdsourceress
Jean Chatzky
Financial Editor of NBC’s TODAY Show, Host of Her Money Podcast and Co-Author of AgeProof
Caitlin Brodnick