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Hachette Speakers Bureau represents the following speakers in 'Current Affairs' category.

Levison Wood
Author, Explorer, Photographer
Ed Whitacre
Former Chairman & CEO, General Motors Company Chairman Emeritus, AT&T Inc.
Lindy West
Writer and Feminist Activist
Robert Weintraub
Sportswriter and Historian
D. Watkins
Professor, Writer, and Activist
Dominic Tierney
Writer and Editor at The Atlantic and Political Science Professor
John "Tig" Tiegen
Security and Military Consultant and Hero of Benghazi Attack
Evan Thomas
Best-selling Author, Historian & Journalist
Greg Smith
Wall Street Insider and Former Goldman Sachs Executive
Dan Senor
Foreign Policy & Economic Expert
Stacy Schiff
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Biographer & Journalist
Julie Scelfo
Contributor for The New York Times and author of The Women Who Made New York, available October 25, 2016
James S. Rosebush
Corporate Philanthropy Expert and Former Advisor to President Ronald Reagan
Kim Stanley Robinson
Bestselling and Award-Winning Science Fiction Writer
Colin Quinn
Former Weekend Update Host and Legendary Comedian
Bruce Poon Tip
Founder of G Adventures, Global Leader in Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship
Dana Perino
Former White House Press Secretary, Political Commentator, New York Times No. 1 Best-Selling Author
Kris "Tanto" Paronto
Former Ranger, 2nd Battalion, 75th Regiment Security and Hero of the Benghazi Attack
Rebecca Musser
New York Times Best Selling Author of "The Witness Wore Red" Testified Against FLDS Leader Warren Jeffs, Advocate for Victims of Human Trafficking
Robert Mazur
Former Federal Agent, Special Investigator of Money Laundering
Patricia Marx
New Yorker Writer and Humorist
Marcus Luttrell
Decorated Navy SEAL & Best-Selling Author of Lone Survivor
Sheril Kirshenbaum
Popular Science Expert & Conservationist
Ray Kelly
Former Commissioner of the NYPD & Leading Expert on National Security
Jodi Kantor
Award-Winning Journalist and Author
Sebastian Junger
Award-Winning Journalist & Best-Selling Author
(The Perfect Storm, WAR)
Mitch Joel
Marketing, Media Hacker and Business Innovator
Meg Jay
Author, Psychologist, and Millennial Expert
Annie Jacobsen
Futurist, Investigative Journalist and Bestselling Author
Peggy Grande
Author of The President Will See You Now Keynote Speaker and Specialty Project Consultant Executive Assistant to President Ronald Reagan
Charles Graeber
Journalist & Author of The Good Nurse, the Bestseller Chronicling the Life and Crimes of Serial Killer Charles Cullen
Peter Godwin
Award-Winning Author, Journalist & Filmmaker
Mark "Oz" Geist
Member of Benghazi Annex Security Team, Marine Corp Veteran / First Responder, and Co-Author of 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi
Sir Harold Evans
Legendary Publisher & Best-Selling Author
Scott Ellsworth
Historian, Journalist, and Author of The Secret Game
Barbara Ehrenreich
Political Activist & Author, Nickel and Dimed
Robert Edsel
Author and Founder & President of the Monuments Men Foundation
Ellen DeGeneres
Comedian, TV Host, and Author
Marcia Clark
Bestselling Author, Legal Analyst, & Former Prosecutor
Julie Checkoway
Author and Documentary Filmmaker
Christopher Buckley
Best-Selling Author, Social & Political Satirist
Mawi Asgedom
The Remarkable Journey from a Refugee Camp to Harvard and Beyond
Ayad Akhtar
Pulitzer Prize-winning Playwright, Screenwriter and Novelist with a Focus on Muslim American Culture
13 HOURS Speakers: The Annex Security Team
Firsthand Details of the Attack on Benghazi