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W. Randall Jones

Financial Expert & Author

With an economy this bad, it's easy to lose hope in the American Dream. But even today, wealth is being made all across America and if you could learn the secrets of your richest neighbor, the American Dream would no longer feel so elusive. That's what Worth Magazine founder W. Randall Jones set out to learn when he traveled America for two years to research his new book The Richest Man in Town: The Twelve Commandments of Wealth. To find a definitive roadmap to wealth, Jones visited 100 towns in all fifty states and interviewed the wealthiest man in each. All of them were self-made, and in fact, Jones learned that 90% of all wealth in America is first generation wealth.

Jones discovered twelve "commandments" that these businesspeople live by. Including Finding Your Perfect Pitch, Don't Set Goals, Execute or Get Executed and Location Doesn't Matter. In addition to these and numerous other surprising insights, you'll also learn twelve lifestyle tips that have helped these Jay Gatsbys live very rich and full lives. For example, they are all optimists and eternal curious learners. They have enduring marriages and perhaps most important for today, they don't live beyond their means and almost never borrow money.

Randall Jones has spent 25 years in the magazine and media business. He is the founder of Worth Magazine, the financial lifestyle magazine for active wealthy investors, and is also the founder of The American Benefactor magazine, the first magazine about philanthropy from the donor's perspective. He was recently honored by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America as "Philanthropist of the Year." He has appeared on "The Today Show," CNN, CNBC, and Fox.

At the podium, Randall discusses the Twelve Commandments to finding and keeping wealth; lifestyle tips for living a full and satisfying life; how to prosper in the current economic climate; and he reveals the most surprising insights learned from those he interviewed.

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