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Victoria Zackheim

Victoria Zackheim is author of The Bone Weaver, a novel, and the editor of six anthologies: The Other Woman, which was on the national bestseller list in Canada

Victoria Zackheim is the author of the novel The Bone Weaver and editor of six anthologies, including bestselling The Other Woman (Warner/HGB), For Keeps, and Faith. She transformed five essays from The Other Woman into a play that was given a one-night-only simultaneous reading at more than twenty US theater venues, with all proceeds (more than $15,000) going to local women’s shelters. A New York reading is now being planned as a fundraiser for She is Rising, an international organization founded by Brooke Axtell to combat sex trafficking and domestic abuse. Victoria’s play Entangled will be read in November, part of a fundraiser for Soroptimist International, as a follow-up to their annual meeting where Victoria will be keynote speaker. Her screenplay, MAIDSTONE, is with director Peter Werner. Another screenplay, ROZZY, based on Caroline Leavitt’s novel about teenager schizophrenia, is in development. Victoria wrote the documentary Where Birds Never Sang: The Story of Ravensbruck and Sachsenhausen Concentration Camps (On the Road Productions), that aired nationwide on PBS. She teaches Personal Essay/Creative Nonfiction in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, is a frequent speaker and instructor at writers' conferences in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, and is a keynote speaker for women’s and non-profit organizations nationwide. Victoria is a San Francisco Library Laureate.
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