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Stephen Leeb

Investment Advisor & Best-Selling Author

The effects of the real estate crisis, rising food and energy prices, and the loss of millions in retirement and personal savings have become devastating for many during these turbulent times. Then there's the growing competition from overseas as more Americans lose their jobs; the ever-present confusion and dips in the stock market; and, whether we want to admit it or not, the fact that the world is beginning to run out of essential raw materials, such as silver, titanium, and, of course, oil.

Investment Advisor and bestselling author Dr. Stephen Leeb has written a new book, Game Over: How to Prosper in a Shattered Economy that will help readers survive in the current economic maelstrom and actually find a way to thrive. Leeb provides a clear-cut and well-crafted financial road map to protect every investor. He breaks down the key factors that will affect the American Economy for many years, including inflation, the weakening dollar, the rapid fluctuation in oil prices, increasing competition from China and India, and our runaway national debt.

In his most timely and dramatic book to date, Leeb reveals which key investments will steadily rise, the best ways to hedge surging inflation, and which sectors will boom.

Game Over is frightening but mandatory reading during this crisis when those not making prudent decisions may lose their savings and watch their investments shrink. Stephen Leeb is the president of Leeb Capital Management and editor of the prestigious newsletter The Complete Investor.

Renowned for finishing among the leaders in the Wall Street Journal's andForbes's annual stock-picking contests, Leeb is the author of four previous books. His wife and longtime collaborator, Donna Leeb, has a diversified background in business writing and holds a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University.

At the podium, Leeb discusses if gold is still the answer; what stocks will actually thrive in a down market; and what professions will be the best ones to choose. He examines key investments that you should still maintain, and tips for not only surviving the current crisis, but managing to attain your financial dreams through the difficult economy.

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