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Robert Mazur

Former Federal Agent, Special Investigator of Money Laundering

I spent years undercover as a money launderer to the international underworld, infiltrating the apex of a criminal hierarchy safeguarded by a circle of dirty bankers and businessmen who quietly shape power across the globe. They knew me as Bob Musella, a wealthy, mob-connected American businessman also living the good life. We partied in $1000-per-night hotel suites, lived in lavish homes, drove Rolls Royce convertibles, and flew on the Concorde and in private jets. Bob Musella was their kind of guy. Bob Musella ran a successful investment company, had an interest in a Wall Street brokerage firm, operated a chain of jewelry stores—he had it all. What they didn’t know was that I wasn’t really Bob Musella. That name and lifestyle were a lie I lived solely to gain access to their secret lives in the criminal underworld.

Under my Armani suits or in my Renwick briefcase, mini recorders captured the damning evidence of our partnerships in crime, which I then passed on to my government handlers. After a dramatic takedown staged at a fake wedding (mine), more than forty men and women were arrested, found guilty, and sent to prison. In the year and a half between the end of the operation and the start of the first trial, a handful of dedicated agents and I put in eighteen hour days feverishly transcribing more than 1400 clandestine recordings. Those microcassettes became knockout punches in the trials ahead, and Operation C-Chase became one of the most successful under-cover operations in the history of U.S. law enforcement.

Robert Mazur’s story is the stuff of a political thriller—except it’s all true. (Though the big screen adaptation of The Infiltrator is coming to theaters in early 2016, starring Bryan Cranston, Diane Kruger, and Benjamin Bratt.) At the podium, however, Mazur doesn’t merely recount his larger than life experiences: instead, he conveys the similarities between an undercover agent’s tactics and an executive or entrepreneur’s. Few can speak with more authority than Mazur on the necessity of preparation, focus, planning, personal sacrifice, and total commitment. With his life on the line, Mazur could make no mistakes. At the podium, he teaches audiences to do the same.

Back on the home front, Mazur was, until March 2015, the President of Chase & Associates, an agency that provides enhanced due diligence and other services to law firms, banks, broker dealers, and corporations throughout the U.S. and many foreign countries. Recently, he established a new company, KYC Solutions, Inc., that manages his work as an expert in the field of Anti-Money Laundering. He continues to mentor at Chase & Associates, while also actively advising on the set of The Infiltrator.

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