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Dr. Joseph Renzulli & Dr. Sally Reis

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Kids today face a harder road to adulthood and finding a livelihood that suits and stimulates them than any other generation before them. Every child's unique strengths and talents can be cultivated through a tested and beloved program now available in an accessible and easy to follow book, Light Up Your Child's Mind.

Based on the renowned "Renzulli Method," which has been adopted in schools all over the country, Doctors Joseph S. Renzulli and Sally M. Reis present a practical program to help children fire up a love of learning to last a lifetime. These world-renowned experts illustrate the crucial role parents can play in their children's development and address how they can work with teachers to enhance their children's education. They uncover the hidden potential of daydreamers, rebels, and one-track minds, arguing that gifted behavior--basic smarts, high levels of task commitment, and creativity--can be fostered in bright children, even unmotivated ones.

Dr. Renzulli is the Neag Professor of Gifted Education and Talent Development at the University of Connecticut and the Director of The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented. He has received numerous distinguished research awards and been named, by the American Psychological Association's Monitor on Psychology, among the world's 25 most influential psychologists.

Dr. Reis is a professor and the Department Head of the Educational Psychology Department in the University Of Connecticut Neag School Of Education. She was awarded the Distinguished Service Award and named a Distinguished Scholar by the National Association for Gifted Children.

At the podium, Dr.'s Renzulli & Reis share how can parents help their children to be the best they can be and uncover their hidden potential. They discuss how educators use the Renzulli method and the most effective way for parents and educators to partner in the process. They also provide audiences with signs that parents and teachers should look for to spot a child who needs a special approach like the Renzulli method.

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  • Uncovering Your Child's Hidden Potential
  • The Renzulli Method: Light Up Your Child's Mind

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