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Rachel Kauder Nalebuff

Author & Women's Health Advocate

A precocious and gifted student, Rachel Kauder Nalebuff entered Choate Rosemary Hall's annual Pratt-Packard oratory contest determined to bring attention to an issue she'd been collecting stories about since she was thirteen. "This is a speech about first periods, and I don't mean your 8:00 AM class," the speech began. It was delivered before 1,000 classmates.

Rachel's My Little Red Book a brave, biting and funny tribute to that uniquely feminine rite of passage is a collection five years in the making that includes stories from women of all ages, and from all over the world. These "first period" tales range from the light-hearted (the editor got hers on the first day of water skiing camp) to heart-stopping (a first period discovered just as her aunt was about to be strip-searched by the Nazis). There are tales of parental slaps, circling sharks, plumbing disasters, missed math exams, and, of course, Judy Blume.

With its mix of heartwarming and funny stories, as well a classic essay by Gloria Steinem, My Little Red Book is uniquely poised to break down cultural taboos surrounding periods and to provide support and entertainment for girls and women of all ages. Inspired by the Vagina Monologues, My Little Red Book will help adjust the way society views this milestone, and perhaps improve the way young girls view their bodies and themselves. Ignorance and awkwardness surrounding the topic have for centuries led to all sorts of discrimination.

Rachel Kauder Nalebuff is a recent graduate of Choate Rosemary Hall, and will soon attend Yale University. With the hope of combating ignorance and encouraging young women around the world to embrace their birthright, Rachel is donating all the royalties she receives to organizations working to improve women's health.

At the podium, Rachel shares her own "first period" story and other personal stories she found most surprising. She emphasizes the importance of talking about this milestone and making young women feel comfortable, not ashamed. Rachel explores the taboo surrounding menstruation, how and why has it endured and what can be done to put an end to it.

"Silence about the healthiest of things can make them seem shameful. My Little Red Book turns shame into celebration."
- Gloria Steinem

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