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Nic Sheff

Author, Speaker & Recovering Addict

Nic Sheff has been to hell and back all before he was thirty. Growing up in Southern California, he went from living in The Hills to living on the streets, stealing from his family to support an unyielding drug habit. After year of abuse and failed sobriety attempts, Sheff finally found the strength to overcome addiction through the help of family, friends, and personal fortitude.

Sheff begins his harrowing story of addiction, destruction, and ultimate redemption in his bestselling memoir Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines, crystal meth and heroin addict. In his powerful follow-up about his continued efforts to stay clean, We All Fall Down: Living with Addiction, Sheff writes candidly about eye-opening stays at rehab centers, devastating relapses, and hard-won realizations about what it means to be a young person living with addiction.

In his presentations, Sheff provides audiences with a truthful and heart-wrenching depiction of his former life as an addict. From discussing triggers that lead to his addiction, to seeking treatment and experiencing multiple relapses, Sheff astounds audiences with the life lessons he learned all too early growing up in the disparaging world of addiction and drugs.

Sheff tells how uncomfortable he had been in his own skin as a kid, and how that feeling of ugliness found a temporary (and false, numbing) relief through smoking pot. He shares with them how the desire for emotional escape led him to seek other drugs, including meth, his first experience with which made him feel like a superhero — and how he spent the next six years trying unsuccessfully to feel that way just one more time.

Reading, Sheff says, helped him realize he wasn’t alone in feeling like a freak. Writing helped him understand how and what he was feeling. Rehab was not what he expected; there was no instant pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and he wasn’t “cured” after his 30 days were up. He was drug-free, but with no idea how to live in a world without his usual crutches, without the tools he had relied on for years.

As a very young man, it was hard for him to envision a social life without any drinks or drugs. He felt like his life was over, and so he tested his limits with alcohol and other substances he hadn’t had trouble with before. Surely, he thought, he’d be able to have a drink or two like a “normal” person. But of course addiction is a tricky beast, and his brain and body being what it is; he wasn’t able to be “normal” with any mind-altering substances.

After years of ups and downs, progress and failures, injuries and near-death experiences, great patches of his life spent scrounging and stealing money to feed the fixes, Sheff was finally able to put all the pieces together and find a rehab program and method (including being responsible for a beloved crazy rescue dog) that has worked for him. He looks forward to what good things life will bring, and he’s never been happier or felt more grateful for his life, even though it’s still hard, every single day.

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