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Myles Munroe

Leading Evangelist

In the words of motivational speaker and evangelist Myles Munroe, "Every human being was created to lead -- the spirit of leadership is ours to cultivate." Though Munroe believes every human possesses leadership potential, he adds that most of us will never fulfill that natural potential for leadership and will always be followers. Why? Because leadership takes action; it is born within us only when we discover our place in the world and the gifts we have to offer humanity.

In his new book, In Charge: Finding the Leader within You, Munroe helps reshape and retrain readers' ideas about leadership and educates on the principles of servanthood, empowerment of others and community. He includes thought provoking questions for reflection and Scripture references which illustrate biblical principles of true leadership. A terrific resource for businessmen and women, or those simply looking for purpose in their lives, In Charge will motivate, inspire and awaken the leader within you.

Munroe's 10 Steps to Self- Discovery explores:

1. What is my deepest desire?
2. What is my passion?
3. What makes me angry?
4. What ideas are persistent?
5. What do I constantly imagine?
6. What do I want to do for humanity?
7. What are my recurring dreams?
8. What brings me the greatest fulfillment?
9. What could I do forever even if there was no mandatory compensation?
10. What would I rather be doing?

Myles Munroe is the founder of the Bahamas Faith Ministries, a network of outreaches and churches headquartered in Nassau, Bahamas. He is a gifted orator, speaking to audiences around the world in church settings, and as motivational speaker at large business gatherings and other non-church organizations. He's authored more than half-dozen books.

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  • The Guiding Principles of Leadership According to the Bible
  • The 10 Steps to Self- Discovery
  • Becoming the Leader You Were Born to Be

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