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Michael Losier

Best-Selling Author & Neuro-Linguistic Programming Expert

Michael J. Losier has earned a reputation as the “Law of Attraction How-To Guy,” by turning Law of Attraction concepts into practical tips that are useful in everyday life. In Law of Connection he uses the same reader-friendly approach to help people start or improve relationships at home or in the workplace by using the interpersonal communication model knows as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). With Losier’s help, readers will:

• Grasp the four different communication styles, and when and where to implement each style
• Learn how to apply language strategies and recognize patterns
• Become experts at building and repairing rapport

Each section contains easy-to-grasp explanations, examples of everyday conversations, letter and email templates, and much more. As Law of Attraction showed readers how to attract what they want, In Law of Connection will ensure that the relationships they attract will be harmonious, productive, and profitable.

Losier is a trainer and practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Since 1995, he has been teaching the Law of Attraction through his book, audio, seminars, and teleconferences to thousands of people around the world. He lives in Victoria, BC, Canada.

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  • Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want & Less of What You Don't
  • Law of Connection: The Science of Using NLP to Create Ideal Personal & Professional Relationships

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