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Michael Giorgione

Former Commander at Camp David and Author, INSIDE CAMP DAVID:The Private World of the Presidential Retreat

In 1998, then Commander Michael Giorgione was selected by the White House to be the next commanding officer at the Presidential Retreat, known as Camp David. From 1999 to 2001, he faithfully served President Bill Clinton in his final year of his second term and President George W. Bush in the first year of his two terms.

His deep and insightful experiences are eloquently captured in the recently released book INSIDE CAMP DAVID: The Private World of the Presidential Retreat. Giorgione is now a popular guest and speaker at corporate leadership events, at strategic offsites, and on television and radio shows. He draws on his extraordinarily unique assignment to share with corporate leaders how our presidents deal with the loneliness of command, how they think and act in times of crisis, and how they forge deep and meaningful relationships.

Researching and writing about Roosevelt and Churchill, Kennedy and Eisenhower, Nixon and Brezhnev, Carter, Sadat and Begin, Reagan and Thatcher, and then personally witnessing the intense deliberations between Clinton, Arafat and Barak and hosting the first weekend together as G.W. Bush and Blair forge their new relationship, Giorgione shares credible, deep, and sometimes humorous anecdotes and insights.

Michael Giorgione is the founder of LeadingLeaders LLC, an executive leadership development, that specializes in working with executive groups and individuals on understanding expectations and demands of being the executive leader, how to deal with challenging issues and people, and how to build lasting relationships with employees, clients, and other industry leaders.

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