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Margaret Roach

Former Martha Stewart Executive & Gardening Expert

Margaret Roach left her career as a publishing executive in December 2007 for a long-overdue return to personal creativity: to write again, and to finally live in the rural Hudson Valley/Berkshires-area garden she’d been making on weekends for 20 years, and opening for public tours for 12. After a 15-year stint at Martha Stewart, where she was EVP, Editorial Director, Margaret built the blog “A Way to Garden,” which has received national acclaim, and then completed her corporate-drop-out memoir, And I Shall Have Some Peace There: Trading in the Fast Lane for My Own Dirt Road. In addition to her writing, she consults with small and large businesses on website development and branding, and lectures and teaches about horticulture.

At Martha Stewart, Roach oversaw the company’s books, magazines and specials, including Martha Stewart Living, Everyday Food and Martha Stewart Weddings, and earlier ran Her first job there was as the original garden editor of Living.

At the podium Roach addresses gardening, and particularly her philosophy of achieving what she calls “The 365-Day Garden.” “Horticultural how-to and woo-woo,” combines practical advice, great plants—and an invitation/exhortation to really connect with the garden at the spiritual level, beyond the mere chores. She also is happy to discuss any particular plants or aspects of gardening. She can also address the challenge of starting over, as chronicled in And I Shall Have Some Peace There and speak eloquently about the risk and reward of following your heart’s desire down a new path.

Roach began her journalism career at The New York Times, and then went to Newsday, first as fashion editor and later as garden editor. Margaret’s 1998 book, A Way to Garden, named Best Garden Book by the Garden Writers of America, is now incarnated online in the form of, which Anne Raver of The New York Times called “the best garden blog [she’d] ever seen.” At the end of 2008, Margaret debuted blog network, where she and her sister, Marion, are among the writers exploring the meanings of the word sister and sisterhood.

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  • And I Shall Have Peace There: Trading in the Fast Lane for My Own Dirt Road
  • A Way To Garden

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