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Lisa Nichols

Best-Selling Author & Motivator

Bestselling author and motivational speaker Lisa Nichols will empower readers everywhere to realize their dreams in her new book, No Matter What!: 9 Steps to Living the Life You Love.

You are probably already familiar with Lisa Nichols through her two bestselling books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, her featured appearance on the hit DVD of The Secret, her numerous media appearances on television shows such as Oprah, Larry King Live, and Extra!, or her many speaking engagements and seminars reaching over 250,000 people a year.

In No Matter What!, Lisa presents the unique plan to inspire readers to create the lives they deserve. While millions are attempting to live by The Secret's Law of Attraction, Lisa believes that it won't work without the Law of No Matter What, which teaches readers how to flex their all-important "bounce-back" muscles, giving them the ability to successfully navigate life's many road blocks and speed bumps.

The groundbreaking No Matter What! program is achieved through nine steps, or "muscles" -- including your Confidence, Faith-in-Myself, Take-Action, Say-Yes, and Forgiveness muscles -- and Lisa explains in her book how anyone can learn to use these muscles to achieve happiness and off-the-charts success. Along the way, Lisa shares her own remarkable story as well as specific exercises and action steps that will inspire readers to learn from the past and to move towards a courageous future -- no matter what!

Lisa is co-founder of the corporations Motivating the Teen Spirit and Motivating the Masses; for more information, visit

At the podium, Nichols explains "The Law of No Matter What," and how it works with the Law of Attraction. She empowers audiences, helping people achieve their goals using the nine-step program. Nichols also discusses her personal struggle and how she overcame life's obstacles to achieve everything she ever wanted.

"Lisa is a living example of what it takes to overcome the inevitable obstacles in your path -- with the help of this book, you'll be able to soar to success -- no matter what!"
-- Jack Canfield, co-author of The New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series

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