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Lauren Leader-Chivee

Diversity and Women's Leadership Advocate and Expert

A feminist leader for a new generation, Lauren Leader-Chivee is the founder and CEO of the nonprofit All In Together (AIT), dedicated to teaching women how to have a voice in politics – on both sides of the aisle. Wrestling with the massive disconnect between women determining elections but not pulling the levers of power, AIT’s mission is to help women have the influence in policy equal to help women have the influence in policy equal to their numbers.

A writer, researcher, and thought leader on diversity and women’s issues – in the workplace, in politics, and in between – Lauren is also the author of the upcoming book Crossing The Thinnest Line (Hachette, Sept 2016). In the book and at the podium, she demonstrates how diversity is the most under-leveraged economic asset in the United States. She has co-authored a long list of research studies from the global think tank Center for Talent Innovation, where she served as President, and her opinion pieces run the gamut from the Harvard Business Review and Inc. to Marie Claire and The Huffington Post.

Recently named one of Fortune’s 50 Most Influential Women on Twitter, and servin gas a term member of the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations, Lauren is a sought after speaker at wide-ranging forums, including the innovative Milken Global Conference.

Steeped in the value of diversity and what makes teams most effective – in their creation, leadership and execution, Lauren is currently an executive advisor to Deloitte Consulting and has spent much of her career advising Fortune 500 companies around the world.

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  • Crossing the Thinnest Line: The Possibility, Power, and Payoff of Embracing Diversity
  • The Key to Innovation Everyone Misses

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