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Jonathan Salem Baskin

Marketing Expert, Principal of Baskin Associates & Author

When was the last time you bought or consumed a product because of its branding? Did you switch from Pepsi to Coke because you like Britney Spears better than Christina Aguilera? Did you run out to Baskin Robbins' because they changed their logo?

Despite the billions of dollars spent each year by companies around the world, and the collective experimentation and creativity aimed at the consumer, they are proving harder to find, more difficult to convince and nearly impossible to keep loyal. In his new book, Branding Only Works On Cattle: The New Way to Get Known (and drive your Competitors Crazy), maverick marketing expert Jonathan Salem Baskin explores a new approach to brands, based less on static image and imagined identity, and more on real-time interaction and actual involvement between company and consumer.

"Clearly Mr. Baskin's onto something, and it's something big and important, probably most easily defined as the need for the marketing world to stop hiding behind fluffy notions of "brand" and start showing what it can do in more tangible terms."
- Advertising Age

Baskin argues that it is time change how brands are conceived, not just how they are delivered. His advice, in brief, is to dump your brand strategist, put all those image expenditures on hold, and get the entire management team involved in exploring the brand as an outcome of business practices, not just the creativity of the marketing department.

Baskin is the principal of Baskin Associates. He has led some of the most successful marketing campaigns in recent history, working with Nissan, Blockbuster, Apple, and GE. He speaks extensively on marketing panels and runs the highly popular marketing blog, Dim Bulb (

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