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Jack Otter

Personal Finance Guru and Journalist

Jack Otter is Executive Editor of CBS MoneyWatch.com. His expertise is breaking down complicated financial issues and helping people get control of their wallets and investments. He is also the author of Worth It...Not Worth It? Simple & Profitable Answers To Life’s Tough Financial Questions. This book and his presentations seek to answer the basic questions that plague everyone. Credit or debit? Rent or buy a house? Buy or lease a car? Take or decline the rental car insurance? Renovate the kitchen or finish the basement? Buy stocks or mutual funds?

Every day we are forced to make these financial decisions but the right answers all seem to require complicated, mind-numbing research. And who has time for homework when you’re in the checkout line at the grocery store and faced with the dreaded “Debit or Credit” question from the cashier? Or filling out payroll form on the first day of a new job?

Most financial advice books are written like textbooks, with separate chapters devoted to saving or investing. But that’s not how we go about our financial lives. Thankfully, Otter demystifies many of those dilemmas by breaking down complex, real-world financial problems into simple, easy-to-understand solutions. Using a compare-and-contrast format, witty prose and compelling graphics, he provides the playbook for anyone who wants to get maximum bang for their buck with minimum effort.

His book and his presentations cover such topics as:

• Getting Started: Credit vs. Debit, See the World vs. Get a Job, Live with Mom & Dad vs. Go Solo

• Shelter: Rent vs. Buy, Old House vs. New House, Renovate the Kitchen vs. Refinish the Basement

• Automotive: New vs. Used, Lease vs. Buy, Diesel vs. Hybrid

• Investing: Broker vs. Financial Advisor, Stocks vs. Mutual Funds, Gold vs. Timber, 2-Year vs. 7-Year CD

• Family Matters: Annual Vacation vs. New Car, Organic vs. Regular; Allowance vs. Chores

• Retirement: Save For Your Kids’ College vs. Your Retirement, Social Security at 62 vs. 70, Florida vs. Nicaragua

Otter has years of experience as a personal finance guru at Dow Jones. Previously, he was deputy editor of Best Life, where he expanded the magazine’s focus on personal finance while also covering fitness, nutrition, relationships, and travel. Prior to Best Life, he was articles editor at SmartMoney. He was also an editor and business columnist at Newsday.

Otter has appeared on CNN, Fox, the Today Show and CBS This Morning, and written for publications including The Wall Street Journal, O magazine, and The New Yorker. He lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and two children.

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