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Eric OGrey

Author, Activist, Athlete, Inspirational Speaker, and Internet Personality

In 2010, Eric O'Grey was 340 pounds, depressed, sick, and on 15 different medications, including insulin for type-2 diabetes, statins, anti-depressants, weight loss drugs, and medications intended to mitigate the side effects of other medications. After a lifetime of failed diet attempts, Eric’s waist was 52 inches, he wore 4XL shirts, his total cholesterol was almost 400, and his blood pressure was out of control. And then Eric’s doctor told him to purchase a cemetery plot, because he would likely need one within the next five years.

Determined to regain his health and avoid bariatric surgery, Eric consulted with a new doctor, who surprised him by prescribing a shelter dog and plant-based nutrition rather than more drugs. And that's when Eric visited a local pet shelter and met Peety: an overweight, middle-aged, dog who, like Eric, had seen better days. The two adopted each other and began an incredible journey together, forming an inseparable bond of unconditional love that forever changed their lives. During the next year, just by going on daily walks, playing together, and eating plant-based food, Eric lost 150 pounds, and Peety lost 25. As a result, Eric reversed his diabetes, got off all medication, became happy and healthy for the first time in his life. Then in a fairy tale turn of events, Eric found and married his high school sweetheart. By continuing the same healthy lifestyle since his transformation, Eric has maintained his weight at 180 pounds, and has competed in over 30 full marathons and 100 half marathons.

Eric’s story went viral in 2016 with the release of Eric & Peety, a Mutual RescueTM film, which has now been viewed over 80 million times on Facebook and other sites. His new book, Walking with Peety, the Dog Who Saved My Life, is an inspirational and informative story about recovery, redemption, hope and achieving dreams for anyone ready to make a change in their life, and for everyone who knows the joy, love, and hope that dogs can bring.
Eric has a B.S. degree in finance from San Jose State University, a Juris Doctor degree from Emory University, and over 30 years’ professional sales experience. He is passionate about delivering customized inspirational speeches at corporate, college and Christian events, health and wellness fairs, athletic expos, and functions involving plant based nutrition and animal kindness. Eric other passions include his wife, Jaye, running with dogs, gourmet plant based cooking, and mentoring others to reverse their obesity, type 2 diabetes, and achieve their optimal weight and happiness. More information about Eric is available on his website

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