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Doug Andrew

Best-Selling Author

Thirty years ago, New York Times best-selling author Douglas Andrew lived through an experience that could be ripped from today's headlines -- he lost his house to foreclosure and saw his personal dream of becoming a millionaire before he turned thirty disappear. While most would have been daunted or destroyed by such a blow, Andrew was inspired by it, using his personal experience to devise his own method of building wealth. It is a sometimes controversial strategy that keeps homes secure, equity and assets liquid, and allows its followers to withstand turbulence in the stock market. The strategy has not only made Andrew a fortune - his sons Emron and Aaron, both UNDER thirty years old, have used their father's methods well and made over $1 million dollars each.

Andrews' Millionaire by Thirty: the Quickest Path to Early Financial Independence is a fresh approach, focused on the newest group of under-thirty investors -- 100 million 16 to 35 year olds who will soon populate our world, a startling figure. Andrew demonstrates how these men and women can break away from traditional retirement plans and find a better way to financial freedom.

While Doug's mission was to build wealth and protect his children (six including the two sons who authored the book with him) he didn't do it by handing them a hefty paycheck. Aaron and Emron began working at Doug's company Missed Fortune with an annual salary of $30,000 a piece. Their father told them they could follow the advice the company espoused, or ignore it, as they saw fit. Today each boasts a net worth of seven figures, thanks to Doug's strategy.

Millionaire By Thirty is a primer for building wealth with an added value -- it explains how strong relationships, a good work/life balance, and emotional security can, and do, impact everyone's ability to manage their finances, no matter their age. Douglas R. Andrew is the owner and president of Paramount Financial Services, Inc., a comprehensive personal and business financial planning firm.

At the podium, Andrew can speak to The Ten Most Common Dangers Facing Young People include trying to have right now what took your parents years to acquire; saving only 1-3 percent of your income rather than 10-30 percent; not fully understanding the difference between preferred and non-preferred debt; not understanding the basics of taxes and paycheck withholding; automatically assuming that putting money in IRAs and 401(k) is the best way to save for retirement; assuming that "deferring on tax" means that you save on tax; assuming the government or your employer will provide a comfortable retirement; buying and selling investments at the wrong time, rather than buying and holding; viewing the world with a scarcity mentality, meaning that for you to profit others must fail; and focusing on the least important categories on the family balance sheet: money rather than relationships.

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  • The Ten Most Common Investment Dangers Facing Young People

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