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Don Mann

Former Member of SEAL Team Six, Renowned Athlete and Trainer

Don Mann's awe inspiring and highly accredited presentations stem from his colorful and action-packed life as a member of SEAL Team SIX, as a former internationally renowned endurance athlete, as a leader in the world of adventure-sports production and as a New York Times Best-Selling Author.
Mann is a very passionate speaker who has changed countless lives by sharing his unique "Reaching Beyond Boundaries" philosophy. He has been driven for decades in helping others achieve greater goals.

Don's presentation is relevant and always very well received by those in the corporate, financial, medical, educational, athletic and military communities. He shares insights into his personal philosophy while offering his audiences examples on how to reach beyond their own self-perceived limitations to achieve greater professional success. Don's message includes equal doses of inspiration, strategy and entertainment. As he likes to say, "Anybody with the proper mindset can achieve anything imaginable."

Mann was nominated by the Veterans Business Battle as the 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year. He has written 12 books including the bestseller Inside SEAL Team SIX: My Life and Missions with America's Elite Warriors.

As a member of SEAL Team SIX, he worked in countless covert operations, operating from land, sea, and air, and facing shootings, decapitations, and stabbings. He was captured by the enemy and lived to tell the tale, and he participated in highly classified missions all over the globe, including Somalia, Panama, El Salvador, Colombia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Don Mann recently attempted summiting Mount Everest, has over 40 years worth of competitive racing experience, and was once ranked 38th in the world as a triathlete. Mann received a Master's in Management from Troy State University, in Troy, AL, a B.S. in International Relations & Criminal Justice, from Florida State University, in Tallahassee, FL, and a B.S. in Liberal Science, from State University of New York. He lives in Cape Charles, VA.

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  • Inside SEAL Team Six: My Life and Mission with America‚Äôs Elite Warriors
  • Unlocking Your Limitless Potential: Motivation for Any Situation
  • Reaching Beyond Boundaries

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