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Don Mann

Former Member of SEAL Team Six, Renowned Athlete and Trainer

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Don Mann is the kind of guy who knows how to set goals and then go after them. After all, this former Navy Seal also happens to be a best selling author, motivational speaker, mountaineer and world-class endurance athlete. None of those things came easy however and before Mann could achieve any of them, he first had to develop a particular set of skills that not only allowed him to clearly identify his goals but also plot a path to achieving them.

His message includes equal doses of inspiration and strategy. As he likes to say, “Anybody with the proper mindset can achieve anything imaginable.” The key, which he relates in his “Reaching Beyond Boundaries” presentation, is to “turn macro goals into micro goals.”

Setting big goals is an important way for both people and organizations to identify what it is they want to accomplish, although sometimes reaching those goals can be a daunting task. But by breaking those larger goals down into smaller ones, they become much more manageable and easier to handle. By first accomplishing those micro-goals, you’ll soon be on the path to reaching the macro ones as well.

“There are so many athletes so much faster, stronger, smarter and more experienced than I have ever been, but my mindset allowed me to compete in the same arena as them,” Mann says.

Shortly after the mission that left bin Laden dead, Mann published the bestseller Inside Seal Team Six: My Life and Missions with America’s Elite Warriors. He incorporates many of the same lessons and stories into his presentations, which often leave attendees inspired to change how they live.

In his inspiring presentation “Reaching Beyond Boundaries,” Mann reveals similar stories and personal anecdotes from his many years working with the SEAL teams and competing as a world-class athlete. He also shares insights into his personal philosophy of setting micro-goals to achieve larger macro-goals, while instructing individuals, small groups and larger organizations on how to employ that same philosophy to achieve both personal and professional success.

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  • Inside SEAL Team Six: My Life and Mission with America’s Elite Warriors
  • Unlocking Your Limitless Potential: Motivation for Any Situation
  • Reaching Beyond Boundaries

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