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Dave Cullen

Award-winning Journalist and Best-Selling Author of Columbine – winner of the Top Education Book for 2009 by the American School Board Journal

Dave Cullen is the author of the New York Times bestseller Columbine, a haunting portrait of two killers and their victims. He spent ten years on the book, driven by two questions: why did they kill, and what became of the survivors?

Cullen has also contributed to New York Times, BuzzFeed, NewRepublic.com, Guardian, Times of London, Newsweek, Washington Post, Slate, Salon, and Daily Beast. Dave has been a frequent television analyst, appearing on Today, Katie, NBC Nightly News, PBS Newshour, CBS This Morning, Anderson Cooper 360, The Rachel Maddow Show, Hannity, Morning Edition, Talk of the Nation, and many other CNN, MSNBC and NPR shows.

Columbine won the Edgar Award, Barnes & Noble's Discover Award, the Goodreads Choice Award, and several others. It spent thirteen weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, and made two dozen Best of 2009 lists, including the New York Times, LA Times and Publishers Weekly. Columbine was declared Top Education Book of 2009 by the American School Board Journal.

Cullen's second book to be released in 2018 is called Soldiers First. It tells the tumultuous story of two gay soldiers, who forge a lifelong friendship battling for love and freedom before, during and after Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Brett and Drake survive three wars and one exhausting policy.

Dave was planning a move to New York City when Columbine happened. He remained in Denver eleven more years to research, write and promote the book, and moved to Hell's Kitchen in NYC in July 2010. He travels extensively to high schools and colleges to teach writing and discuss the tragedy. At the podium Dave addresses many different issues including combating teen depression, school safety, overcoming adversity, tolerance, and the story of Columbine.

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  • Columbine: Understanding the nature of tragedy
  • Overcoming Adversity: The importance of tolerance in today’s schools

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