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Amy Cuddy

Harvard Professor and Body Language Expert

Amy Cuddy is a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School who studies how nonverbal behavior and snap judgments affect people. Her research has been published in top academic journals and covered by CNN, New York Times, The Economist, Wired, Fast Company, and The Wall Street Journal. In 2013, Business Insider named Cuddy one of "50 Women Who Are Changing the World." In 2014, the World Economic Forum named her a Young Global Leader. Her 2012 TED Talk has been viewed over 22 million times.

In Presence, to be published in November 2015, Cuddy shows us we need to stop worrying about the impression we're making on others, and instead change the impression we're making on ourselves. Cutting-edge science reveals that if we adopt behaviors reflecting power and strength, we liberate ourselves from the fears and doubts that obstruct us. By redirecting our thoughts, actions, and even physiology, we free ourselves to be our best.

Amy Cuddy galvanized viewers around the world with her TED talk about "power poses." Now she explains the science underlying these and many other fascinating body-mind effects, and teaches us how to use this science to become self-assured in high-pressure moments.

Amy Cuddy holds a PhD and an MA in Social Psychology from Princeton University and BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado. At Harvard, Amy teaches MBA, executive education, and doctoral courses on power & influence, leadership, and decision-making. She lives in the Boston area with her husband and son.

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